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Modern Thai
In the cheery colonial-style dining space, shades of raspberry sherbet and lime vivify stark white walls, while colorful Gerber daisies adorn glass-topped tables. An enclosed porch affords sunny street side views and a great spot to tuck into some cheap and tasty Thai. Pumpkin lovers rejoice – this gourd is prepared in all kinds of delicious ways, whether shredded and deep-fried with sesame and coconut, or cubed in a luscious, creamy curry. Specialties like crispy calamari with cashews or roasted duck with lychee curry are equally worthy, as are the fishcakes–golden crispy pancakes of minced fish, silver rice noodles and shitake mushrooms.

Exotic desserts like blueberry roti or the MT sundae with purple yarn and coconut ice cream are a perfect finale.
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